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The tone of this was very dark, John. I am sorry you are going through this patch. All I can say is, the path to turning one's life around definitely runs through forgiveness; Forgiveness of oneself. And forgiveness has a toll along the road that must be paid called repentance. You can't get to one without the other. So, as long as you are truly regretful and are of the mindset that, if given the opportunity you would do it differently this time, that is true repentance and you have no more reason to heap that guilt and regret upon yourself. This should clear your conscience to be able to forgive yourself and, not take a fork in the road, but literally be lifted out of one groove in the track to the next. And this one will lead to happiness, joy, fulfillment and greatness if you so choose it. At least that's my take on it :-]

John Fogg

Thanks Jeremiah.

Yeah, this is a tough one. The light at the end of the tunnel looks a lot like a train < smile >. I DO know I'll get through it... just seems so very far away today.

Thanks again. Hope is a good thing. Appreciate the gift.

And you...


There are no shortcuts... And, feeling overwhelmed is very common in early sobriety. The fella I did my "90 in 90" with died alone in a motel room because he couldn't or wouldn't face the wreckage of his past (My dad died alone in a dark, dingy room over a bar).

So, stop taking yourself so seriously... Although taking oneself seriously is also very common in early sobriety...

I was told early sobriety is 5 years... enjoy

John Fogg

Would have enjoyed hearing something LESS than f years Scott and... it is what it is. Thanks.


I thought I would have all the great mysteries of life solved by seven years sober... for me, "relearning" how to live has been a long, slow and painful journey... worth every minute...God bless

Dale Calvert

John, all any of us can do is live, learn, and move forward. We can all make today the best it can be. We can treat people the way we want to be treated ... Today.

Babe Ruth struck out more than any baseball player to ever play the game, but what is he remembered for?

Make the most of every single day. We have all made mistakes, life is a journey.

Your friend

Dale Calvert

PS John Fogg ? "Author of the Greatest Networker in the World"

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