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Johnny Fogg

Good story, interesting thought, and for me it asks the question, "What do I/we replace those thoughts with? I am enough...? I am good enough...?" Or is the point simply to bring awareness to the fact that those other thoughts are running your show, and, through that awareness diminish their strength?

Keith Higgs

Wow That hits an open wound though I'm not sure it's one or the other? I seem to have carried a bad case of both.
I realised not good enough's influence before but not sure that that log is completly free maybe it's tangled with not enough?
Time to reasses with a more empowering I am! Thank you! Much appreciated!

John Fogg

YoungMan— Like Quality @ Ford, Awareness is Job #1.

Tha ShakesMan said, "Naught is either good or bad by thinking makes it so." Major Majer says, "Assessments are neither true nor false, good nor bad, they just are assessments— AND, we act out of our assessments.

Deal is: What possibilities does that assessment (ANY assessment) OPEN and what does it CLOSE.

So, I'll go with pick an assessment (any assessment) that OPENS & CLOSES the possibilities I want in my life.

It's all made up, so... make it up to serve & empower what you want to create.

Make sense?

Thanks for askin'

John Fogg

Sir Higgs (anyone with two g's in his last name is fine by me ) It IS one or the other in the predominant role. My Sherlock has always been: What are you always after: More, more, more... Better, better, better.

Of course, we all experience both. Game is, which is boss.

Beside "I AM" is the OPEN & CLOSE deal. What I like about that is the lack of emotional charge & investment. OPENS this & that possibility, CLOSES those. Plain & simple. And different enough for me to be able to look freshly, NOT encumbered by my past "know it all" or the other Enemies of Learning.

Trust that serves. If not... fire away

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