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Don't know whether you are aware of it, John, but this Sunday is also the eve of Yom Kippur. This evening, millions of Jews all over the globe will begin 26 hours of intense introspection.
What a lovely present (offering - if you wish) that you and Kurt have brought us on this auspicious occasion.

I appreciate you and the perfection that is,


Sir John
I was so caught by surprise by this that I had to listen to it twice! And then sit and think it through some more.
Having experienced first hand the power of the 5 Right Questions during our Action Accountability program (albeit in a very light dose), the idea that Everything can be Right and Perfect was mindblowing - cliched but true.
I may have to digest and practice this precept for a few days before I can report on its importance, but even just the past few minutes of listing "What's Perfect about this?" have resulted in a surge of energy and optimism.
I thank you deeply - once again.
Bliss and blessings,
PS Mentoring with you is #1 on my Dream Board/Manifestation list - it won't be long now....

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