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Kim Klaver

Yo John!

Here's the link to the print side - hope I did it right...

All MLM losetards and frigtards: listen up!


Having a bad day, John....???!

Thanks for the giggle!

By the way, the url does not work so I will be immediately requesting a full exhausting enquiries by BBB, FBI and the Pink Panther...


They say there's a bit of truth in every satire...do I detect any bitterness here John ?? Hope not ! Well, done, thanks for the laugh, albeit a short one.

Dr M



You SUCKED ...!

...the wind right out of certain "Heavy Hitters" lungs, I'll bet!

Right ON!

Excellent observation, Mr Fogg.

The smoke and mirrors get pretty thick around NWM sometimes. Thanks for clearing that up a little. Too bad we can't name names without getting crap all over ourselves, huh!?


John Fogg

"...do I detect any bitterness here John ??"

Yes, YOU do. Not mine. The "Mirror Game" plain and not at all simple.

"I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you."

"...make up to $480,000 per year with 1 new customer per week." How's that taste to any of you...?

Karen Umstattd

Perfect! Thank you for the laugh - I knew you'd have the "system" I was looking for.

Scott Bradley

This recording had me rolling on the floor laughing!


Art Jonak


(Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off, And Noticing The Dust Bunnies
Under My Desk, Thinking, Hmm, I Really Should Vacuum Today)

-- but I'm sure you already knew that...

Freakin' BRILLIANT! Brilliant and TIMELY.

Thank you,

Art Jonak

George Marsh

Too funny!

I appreciate you!

Successfully yours,

George Marsh
The Card Guy

Donna Valdes

Score one for the team that sucks!!!! Yeah!!!

Delicious stuff, John!
Thank you,

Donna Valdes

Mike Potillo

The nail was hit on the head. Timing was perfect for this message John!


Diane Voisley

Thanks for the laugh! I appreciate all your posts.

Diane Voisley

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